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  • Be Prepared

  • Vauxhall Head Office

  • Use Local

  • Helping In The Community

  • Christmas Light Show

    London Luton Airport with help from easyJet create the world's first Christmas light show on a 120ft aircraft

  • General Motors

    A newly designed reception area, meeting and training rooms, open plan office areas, break out areas and kitchens over two floors.

  • Millbrook

    Celebrating 15 years of working with Millbrook

  • FPM 15 Year Anniversary


  • MyAcademy Training Rooms
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    MyAcademy, the training division of Vauxhall Motors first opened its doors as a training facility in the early 1990s. Now run as an outsourced solution by Raytheon Professional Services, the Academy specialises in training the Technicians, Salespeople and Management staff from the network of Vauxhall Dealerships across the UK.

    Dedicated purely to training, 18,000 delegates pass through the Academy every year. Made up of a ground floor showroom, two conference rooms and two training classrooms with attached workshops, it’s a busy environment.

    With so much foot traffic, it’s important that the college is maintained to the high standard that the delegates would naturally expect. As preferred contractors for Vauxhall, we were commissioned as part of their planned maintenance programme to revamp the training rooms and adjoining workshops.

    Consisting of a mix of electrical and general decorating work, we isolated and stripped out the existing lighting before replacing it with new energy efficient LED fittings; upgraded and fitted appropriate, fit for purpose flooring (non-slip epoxy in the workshop for example) and painted and decorated throughout. Once complete we also sourced and fitted the various TVs, projectors and equipment.

    To ensure that the workshop environment is kept tidy we also designed and built a new store room. The block wall and steel open top store room was completed as part of the workshop refurbishment and was made available to the technical training team earlier this month.

  • Millbrook Test Cells
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    Millbrook Group, the independent vehicle testing, validation and engineering service have developed their Engine Test Centre to include four new engine test cells. Specifically designed for fuels testing, Millbrook are able to provide customers with fuels testing in compliance with The Co-ordinating European Council requirements.

    As facilities providers, we were recently bought in to update the electrics within the test cells. This involved fitting all new trunking, sockets and power supplies to the various equipment (starting panels for the engines, fuel pumps, etc) with the Test Cell.

    Once the Test Cells were up and running, we got busy installing the cabling and cable housing to connect the two dynamometers (devices for measuring power) to the high voltage transformers, allowing Millbrook to feel electricity back to their own HV network. In total, 18 individual cables with a total length of 1260m (1.25km) were installed.

    In addition to the electrical work, we also upgraded the exhaust extract system – removing all existing fans and duct work and constructing steel mounting frames before replacing with brand new, larger fans and duct work.

    Specifically required for a high profile client, all the work had to be carried out in an exceptionally tight timeframe. However, we rose to the challenge, liaising with multiple stakeholders (Millbrook, AVL contractors, in house teams and FPM contractors) whilst maintaining a safe site.

  • Dogs Trust
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    Keen to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, the Dogs Trust had commissioned a survey on their building. The report identified improvements that could be made to the building fabric, lighting, cooling and heating. The Dogs Trust Facilities Manger then contacted us following a recommendation from one of our clients, Age UK.

    The client brief was to replace the lighting, windows and air conditioning systems within the top floor of the building.

    We suggested replacing the 32 rittal windows with efficient double glazed aluminium units, replacing existing fluorescent lighting with New LED Flat Panel units (over 100 fittings in total) and replacing the existing AC units with Smart Inverter Controlled Units which Heat & Cool.

    Our site meeting revealed that the rendering surrounding the windows was also in a poor condition and was starting to break down. It therefore made sense, whilst we had permanent scaffolding in place, to carry out the rendering repairs at the same time as replacing the windows.

    Having had our proposal and quotation approved by The Dogs Trust, It was agreed to carry out the works over three phases:

    • Phase 1:
      • Ceiling
      • Lighting
      • Air Conditioning
    • Phase 2:
      • Erection of scaffold
      • Replacement of windows and blinds
    • Phase 3:
      • Rendering renovation

    The scale of the work and the necessity for scaffolding meant that planning permission and street licences were required. Assisting Dogs Trust throughout this process, we received approval from The Local Authority and Transport for London.

    All of the works were completed on time and within budget, with significant improvements having been made to the working environment, meeting not only the original energy strategy objectives but also exceeding client expectations.

  • Spreadex
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    There’s nothing quite like a recommendation is there?

    We were recently given the opportunity to work with a local company, Spreadex, following a referral from an existing client, Bourne Leisure.

    The project involved the flood wiring of Power and Data in a raised floor, giving a flexible, future proof solution to meet the clients ever changing floor layout. The power used busbar trunking with sockets at regular intervals under the floor. This was matched with a network of CAT6a data cabling in strategic locations.

    Sports and financial betting are the core business at Spreadex and the flow of information is critical to their business. With this in mind, a total of 75 TVs were installed as part of the fit out, including a bespoke gantry, suspending almost 40 TVs above the sports betting floor.

    The mainly open plan office was then sub divided into meeting and project rooms where contemporary partitioning systems were integrated with bespoke glazing to reflect the brand identity, giving the feeling of space to even the smallest of rooms. The rooms were finished off with simple decoration accented with walnut doors.

    To finish of the fit out two tea points were installed to provide the staff with a break out area. The tea points were fitted with a range of kitchen units, white goods and finished with State of the art water boilers providing instant boiling water for drinks.

    As well as the fit out, FPM were also contracted to undertake the relocation of over one hundred staff along with all of their IT equipment and personal belongings from the current office to the newly finished location. The move was staggered to allow Spreadex to continue their 24/7 operations without disruptions.

  • Inspire, Luton
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    The Brief

    Inspire: Luton Sports Village is one of the newly developed, state of the art, multi-sport facilities designed for use by the whole community as well as talented and elite athletes. Boasting a 50m, 8 lane main swimming pool, with a 10m world class diving facility, the Sports Village has some of the best aquatic facilities in the country and is host to top class events.

    Following the success of Splash! (the reality show that follows celebrities as they master the art of diving), Inspire has become more popular as a venue for competitive diving. However, to accommodate such high level competitions, the Diving Development team from Active Luton, felt that the even spread of lighting on the diving boards should be improved.

    FPM were approached by MITIE, the on site Maintenance provider, in June 2013 to carry out a survey of the existing lighting within the diving area of the facility. Working in conjunction with Tamlite Lighting, FPM carried out a full survey and presented a solution that was both practical and manageable.

    The unique design of the building created a challenge with respect to accessing the lighting and specialist access equipment, operated by qualified FPM staff had to be deployed.

    An installation and commissioning program was developed and agreed by all stake holders to ensure that the works could be completed safely, on time and within budget. To keep disruption to a minimum, the project was completed over two phases. Working around opening times (the Sports Village was kept open to the public at all times), a team of four electricians installed a series of thirteen uplighters that greatly improved the lighting within the diving area.

    The brief for phase two was to improve the lighting in the diving zone for the 7.5m and 10m boards. The lighting levels were re-surveyed following the recent Installation and a further three flood lights were installed in the diving zone.

    The Result

    The final phase, completed in the latter part of 2014, means that all divers can now benefit from maximum visibility.

  • Danger – Spillage
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    Danger – spillage!

    As a Facilities Services Provider, we’re always interested in providing solutions to problems that our existing and potential customers may have.

    Recently, we engaged in a discussion through the BIFM LinkedIn forum.

    The UK based charity, Business in the Community, had a problem with water spilling onto the floor of the male and female toilets which could have caused injury to both staff and visitors. The existing sinks were formed within granite counter tops and the concern was that if someone slipped and fell onto the counter, they could suffer potential head injuries.

    Having suggested some solutions, Facilities Manager, Kellie Lord-Thomas, asked us if we would take a look. When we met Kellie on site, we quickly identified that although there was a spillage issue, the main problem within both toilets was in fact the flooring. Facilities such as toilets/bathrooms should be fitted with safety flooring and unfortunately, the existing flooring was not fit for purpose. With this is mind, we suggested that they replace the existing sinks, taps and flooring, leaving them with a more practical, not to mention safer facility.

    Based on our recommendations, we refitted the toilets with new ‘trough’ style sinks, specifically designed for excess water to drain away and a tough, slip resistant safety floor that not only looks good but is also extremely durable.

    Commenting on the refurbished washrooms, Kellie Lord-Thomas, said “We are delighted with the new look. The safety of our staff and visitors is paramount and knowing that we are safety compliant is a great weight off our mind.”

    If you’d like advice with your facilities management or would like to take advantage of our FREE Building Health Check, just get in touch.

  • LED Lighting
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    Dispelling the myths about the cost of LED lighting

    Do you have lighting in your building that could do with upgrading or the quality of the light could be improved, but thought it would prove too costly and so haven’t taken the idea any further? Maybe it’s time to rethink.

    We were recently contacted by Mitie, the Maintenance Service Provider in Luton, and asked if we could take a look at the lighting in the Sports Facility at Lealands High School. The main corridor of the sports arena was fitted with traditional 28 Watt 2D round fittings and the light quality was poor. Working closely with Orbik Lighting, we proposed LED as an alternative option. Including emergency variants, there are 12 light fittings in the corridor. Cautious about changing all of the fittings to LED, we suggested fitting just one light initially, so that the client could see if there were any improvements compared to the existing lighting.

    Installing the sample fitting just before the school holidays gave the staff time to see just what an effect the new light had. Mitie and Lealands were so impressed with the outcome that we were commissioned to replace all 12 fittings with the new Orbik LED versions.

    Since commissioning the lighting in the sports arena, we were also asked to replace the recessed ceiling light fittings with LED light panels. Once again, we supplied and fitted a sample for comparison and are pleased to say that we are now in the process of replacing all of the fittings with new LED light panels.

    Quite often a client will ask for a quote to replace their lighting with the latest energy efficient version but are put off by the costs involved, especially if they’re not sure if the new light fittings will make much of an improvement. By trialling an initial sample, stakeholders get the opportunity to see what the results could be before committing. So, if you are thinking of switching to energy efficient LED lighting and would like to ‘try before you buy’, why not get in touch?

  • The Body-Grab
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    The Brief

    As part of Vauxhall’s commitment to quality, new vans, as they are being built, are randomly audited. The process, known as ‘Smugglers Body’ is a unique process that tests the sealer wax both on and under the body of the van. One of our more unusual projects, the brief was to design and build a ‘Body-Grab’ that would be strong enough to grab a van from the conveyor system, for testing.

    Allocating an area in the production process where the vehicle would be removed from and given access to a body shell as a template, the design process began in earnest. Weight was an important consideration and the Grab was ultimately built using aluminium alloys, allowing for maximum strength but with minimum weight.

    Following live trials and happy that the Grab adhered to all regulations (LOLER 1998 Lifting Regulations), the Body-Grab was signed off, load tested and certified as fit for purpose.

    The Result

    With a total development and build time of just six weeks, the Body-Grab is now in service and following its success, has also been further enhanced to incorporate both long and short wheel base vehicles into the design.

  • Our Commitment to the Community
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    Sells 7th Scout Group

    As a company born and bred in Luton, we are committed to the local community, so were only too pleased to work with the Sells 7th Scout Group. The electrics in the Scouts Hut (the primary meeting place and hub of the group) were out of date and in need of updating. We replaced and fully tested the electrical distribution board as well as installing a full emergency lighting system.

    Relay For Life

    Relay For Life, an overnight family event, organised by Cancer Research UK, aims to bring the community together. It celebrates cancer survivors, remembers those lost and at the same time raises vital funds to help beat cancer. And we were proud to support our local event by providing a generator and all ancillaries.

    Our teams of apprentices and engineers were on hand to help with the set up and build of the stages, erecting the tents and laying of all cables, sockets, lighting and general logistics.

  • Vauxhall Reception Refurbishment
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    The Brief

    Working closely with Vauxhall’s nominated architects Bissett Adams; FPM were selected to work on the refurbishment of the reception at Griffin House, Vauxhall’s Headquarters based in Luton. Specifying and sourcing all specialist materials, it was our role to ensure that the reception was installed to the approved design. We were responsible for all electrics, joinery, flooring, decoration, the stunning multi-media displays and the specialist glazing works that occupy pride of place within the reception.

    Lighting was a significant part of the project brief. Designed by ourselves, the existing lighting was stripped out and a new lighting system installed.

    The Result

    An eco-friendly reception was designed, incorporating new LED low energy technology with a maximum energy draw of just 1256W. Hailed as a truly successful project, the reception was completely revamped and ready for use within a four week period.

  • Corrosion Chamber at Millbook
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    The Brief

    As holders of the Small Construction Projects Agreement (SCPA), we regularly undertake general building maintenance, electrical mechanical works and civil engineering projects. In November 2011, we were successful in winning the tender to build a Corrosion Chamber at Millbrook Proving Ground.

    The brief was to erect an insulated chamber to test the effects of heat and moisture on vehicles. The Chamber had to be able to withstand heat of up to 50°C and 98% humidity. Working directly with the Consultant, we were responsible for sourcing all materials, overseeing all groundworks, steelwork, building of the specialist chamber, mechanical plants and all electrical and fire alarm installations.

    The Result

    In keeping with their commitment to the environment, the Chamber was designed and built to house a fully recycled water system, with each vehicle being tested making use of the system, so nothing goes to waste. And it takes just 12 minutes to test a vehicle.

    From start to finish, the Chamber was actually completed over a twelve week period – fast work indeed!