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We’ve had the pleasure of contracting to both London Luton Airport and easyJet since our company was formed over 17 years ago. During that time we have watch the airport grow from 6 million passengers in 2000 to over a staggering 16 million in 2018.



During that time, we’ve been fortunate to work on a variety of projects for both the airport and easyJet, ranging from fitting LEDs, power, data and building works in the terminal building to fitting out crew rooms across Europe.

But for us one of the most interesting projects to become involved with was the Christmas Light Show. Organised as a surprise to celebrate the airport’s 80th anniversary, London Luton Airport, treated their staff and their families to the worlds’ first Christmas light show on a.120ft aircraft.

An Airbus A320, supplied courtesy of easyJet was the star of the show for this beautifully choreographed performance and we were

contacted by easyJet to ask for our help during the shoot.

Although a facilities services provider, we have often taken on roles that are somewhat out of the ordinary and this project didn’t disappoint. Our team were dispatched to the airport to manage the logistics and to escort and assist the 30 – 40 strong film crew as they went to work at the airport.

Working so closely with the crew we were able to witness first hand exactly what was involved behind the scenes to bring the show to life and to make it such a success. And what a success it was! Reserved not just for staff and families, invitations were also extended to a selection of local primary schools.