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Lea Manor Theatre roof duct work project! 

Over the summer period we have been extremely busy with schools across the Three counties & Northampton, including this roof ductwork project undertook at Lea Manor High School in Luton.

The existing ductwork insulation had been damaged on top by birds which ultimately caused the insulation to fail, areas of pipework insulation had also been damaged.

All existing insulation from the damaged ductwork above the floor grid and pipework was removed and re-insulated with 40mm thick thermaduct insulation and secured with adhesives and foil tapes.

To prevent further bird attacks, we applied plain aluminium sheets to the tops and corners of the ductwork, black pro-clad sheeting was also installed to weatherproof. The insulation was also installed at a slight pitch to create a water shed; this prevents rainwater sitting on the top of the ductwork.

Existing trace heating on LPHW (Low Pressure Hot Water) pipes had also failed, it was agreed that all existing trace heating, insulation, and weatherproofing be removed and new installed. Black silicone cloth jackets were also then installed to all LPHW valves.

This has now extended the lifetime of the ductwork and pipework services on the roof of the Theatre block at Lea Manor.

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