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Decided to go electric?

20 Apr 2021

You have the car, you have spent hours considering which brand was best for you, the vehicles range capabilities but what about logistics?

There is a huge range of electric vehicle chargers on the market, but which is best for you? From budget, charging capabilities to the physical aesthetics of the unit.

What charger suits your requirements best?

Although you can charge your vehicle through a standard three pin socket, this process is very time consuming. Using a household socket will take over 24 hours to charge vehicles with bigger battery capacities like the Audi E-Tron or Mercedes EQC. Having a dedicated charging point installed with advanced capabilities will absolutely make your life easier – alongside the many practical benefits.

Most units on the market will range from 3 to 3.7kW, superior units can deliver up to 7kW. It is key to understand that the price of the units is directly proportionate to the power outputs.

A 3.7kw charging unit will charge fully a 40kWh battery in Nissan Leaf in approximately 12-14 hours, in most cases this is not practical as most people will be charging vehicles overnight. The superior 7kW unit will charge in half the time (6 hours) and finally the 22kW super chargers will do the job in less than 2 hours.

Cable length is also a factor which you need to consider. Before making your unit purchase it is best to calculate where your vehicle is most likely to be parked, with that you can assess the length of cable your ideal charger should have. Most standard units’ lengths vary from 12ft & 25ft, the longer the cable the more flexible you will be in the position of your car eg- being able to charge it whether its parked backwards of forwards.

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“Tethered Vs Un-Tethered?”

You will need to factor in whether you want your chosen charger with a cable permanently attached (tethered) or one that you simply plug a regular Type 2 cable, in which comes with most EV vehicles standard. A tethered unit allows you to plug the other end into your car rather than having to get the cable out of your boot every time your charge up. Research must be done as certain cables might not be compatible to your EV, adaptors can be purchased to rectify this, they also come in handy if you have more than one EV vehicle in the household.

Advantages of a tethered charger

  • Convenience – uncoil the cable and plug in
  • More secure – the cable is part of the unit, so it is not possible to remove it
  • Cable incorporated – which may mean you do not need to purchase a charging cable separately

Advantages of an untethered charger

  • Flexibility as it is just a socket
  • Works with Type 1 and Type 2 cars
  • No Cables constantly on display
  • Option to change over your charging cable length


Although most people’s thoughts will be on the functionality of an EV charger, some will want it to also look pleasant – it is attached to your building after all.

When choosing a charger to suit you, consider the following:

The location, if the charger will be tucked away and out of site, the looks and style probably are not important. If the charger is taking pride of place on the front of your home the Andersen A2 would be a great option – boasting a variety of colours and even wooden panels, there is something for everyone.

Tech is the way forward

Are you into your tech? – fear no more, there are also chargers for you. For example, if you believe in the future solar could be installed on your premises – myenergi zappi is perhaps your best option.

Most EV chargers will come with a variety of smart features such as WIFI and smartphone app capabilities. Although technically just gimmicks, taking control of your charging process via an app from the comfort of your sofa will appeal to some.

To summarise, there is a charger out there to suit everyone’s needs and requirements, but thorough research must be carried out before you make your final decision.

We would be more than happy to try and assist you with this, if you require any information or are stuck on which you believe would work best for you, please get in touch.