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Fluorescent lamps to be removed from shelves in 2023

10 Oct 2022

Following Stage 2 of the Single Lighting Regulation and the revised Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) mandate, from February 2023 fluorescent lamps and fittings will no longer be available to purchase.

Until now, there were exemptions for T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent, and special purpose lamps. Earlier this year these exemptions were amended and accordingly the production of many fluorescent lamps will be prohibited.

“As individual light sources are gradually banned, early planning is essential. It is worthwhile, both in terms of price and electricity costs, to switch to energy-efficient light sources at an early stage. Businesses can avoid rising costs by preparing the switch in good time.”

“In commercial sectors those who plan and implement the switch to more energy-efficient alternatives now will save more energy and therefore money in the long term.”

The new ruling comes at a time when consumers are looking for ways to reduce their energy output, beside the clear advantages for environmental and climate, the conversion to LED is a guarantee to save you money from day one of installation.

Advantages of LED light at a glance:

✅ Long service life

✅ High energy efficiency

✅ Flexibility regarding light colour

✅ Excellent photometric values

Here at FPM our advice is to check your premises lighting now, if you are unsure of your lighting status – get in touch today.

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