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Planned Preventative Maintenance.

21 Jul 2021

Electrical Contracting & Maintenance Services is the core of our business, since 2001 FPM have worked across a wide spectrum of businesses large and small upgrading and maintaining there premises.

Electrical maintenance is often overlooked and looked at as an unnecessary expense with other pressing issues taking precedence, although long term it can be prove far more costly. FPM offer a planned preventative programme in which issues are picked up and resolved during scheduled visits.

Costly repairs and downtime can all be avoided if regular maintenance is carried out on your electrical systems, this will not only give you peace of mind that your business is running cost effectively but also productively.

Planned Electrical Maintenance can include:

  • Wear & Tear
  • Emergency Lighting & Re-lamping
  • Replace broken fittings and sockets
  • Water Damage
  • Component Failures
  • PAT Testing
  • Fixed Wire Testing

When locating and detecting worn components before the item fails it allows disturbance to be kept to a minimum all whilst having the additional chance to determine the useful life of current equipment. 

When unscheduled downtime is starting to have an affect on the day to day a PPM programme is cost effective as it offers

  • Improves reliability
  • Decreases downtime
  • Extends life of equipment
  • Decreases frequency of replacement

Most businesses infrastructure is operated with the electrical distribution system at its core, if this fails everything is affected do not let this be your business and get in touch today and one of our team will be more than happy to assist. // 01582 484020