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Seasonal changes, are you prepared? ❄️

22 Sep 2022

As we move into a new set of seasons, the prospect of dark nights and the imminent change in weather brings its own set of challenges. If this falls under your remit, here is just a few pointers you might want to start considering.


As the darker nights creep in, visibility becomes all the more important. Make sure that all exterior lights are in good working order, lamps are replaced as necessary and that all lenses and diffusers are cleaned. Emergency lights are vital so these must also be kept in good working order. Lastly in the current climate consider where LED alternatives could be introduced as a cost saving measure.


Autumn is the ideal time to have your boiler serviced to check heat distribution around your premises is as effective as it can be.

Car Parks & Walkways

Driving into a pothole in the dark can cause untold damage to vehicles. Repair any cracked or uneven pavements to keep pedestrian safe. It’s important to ensure all groundworks are up to par to avoid accidents.

HVAC Systems

Dirty filters are one of the main reasons that ventilation and air conditioning systems fail. Regular, preventative maintenance will help to prolong the life of your HVAC system and ensure that it operates at peak performance. A Pre-Season service will also help to not just avoid system failure in cold weather it will also go some way to keeping your energy costs as efficient as possible.


Pipes freeze during cold spells, and as they expand, they can burst leading to a multitude of other issues. Make sure that all interior and exterior pipes are insulated and protected from the cold to avoid any disasters.

Roof Maintenance

If you have cracked or slipped tiles on your roof or damaged flashing it’s important to get this rectified before the harsher weather rolls in, heavy rain and snow fall will only cause it to worsen, and the risk of further damage and accidents increase.

Compliance Checks

Regular checks must be carried out in several areas across your premises, including fire and smoke alarm maintenance & carbon monoxide detector maintenance. Autumn & Winter is a time when ventilation is lower, windows and doors will be shut so the risk of gasses building up are more likely this time of year.

Be Ahead of The Weather

Heavy rain, high winds and snow can all affect a building and how efficiently it operates. During Autumn & Winter its not uncommon for ice to build up in gutters that do not drain properly. Regular clearing of debris from gutters and downpipes especially after harsh periods of weather will ensure your building is kept as watertight as possible.

If you believe that your premises requires any of the above points mentioned or that you would like one of our team to come to site to carry out an Autumn/Winter survey, just get in touch today, we will be more than happy to assist.

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