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Smart Lighting in the Workplace.

3 Aug 2021
With office spaces no longer sitting at full occupancy, have you thought about smart lighting?

Studies show that office spaces that are vibrantly lit with LED lighting promotes staff well-being and performance. LED lightning offers a solid return on investment and the payback is typically short being 1-2 years. The cost has dropped significantly over the years so you can now source LED lighting for a lower price and save on energy in comparison to its fluorescent and incandescent equivalents.

In commercial workspaces the dynamic has potentially changed forever, as more employees work flexibly office spaces aren’t being occupied at capacity. Lighting systems can now be automated and planned to suit your new workplace dynamic, motion sensors built into LED fittings can dim the light in areas with no occupancy. Not only does this allow you control over energy use it can also offer vast cost savings.

Cost is a major factor when considering any sort of investment, when considering the lighting within your workspace you must consider energy efficiency. LEDs are typically cheaper to operate but by installing motion sensors, timers, and dimmers this allows for control over electricity used especially when the office space is vacant. One popular option is to utilise daylight dimming on LED lights adjacent to windows which reduces light levels due to bright natural light.

Aside from cost and energy savings, smart lighting has proven to have a positive impact on health and the general wellbeing of staff members working in office spaces. LED panels can come in a variety of lighting options, warm white giving out a yellow/orange tone whilst cool white gives a more vibrant white/cool blue light. Exposure to the incorrect lighting at the wrong time of day can play confusion to the body’s natural rhythm – too much blue lighting at night can affect sleep whilst too much warm light during the day can leave staff unproductive and tired. 

Lighting systems have come on leaps and bounds over the years, traditionally limited to one level the growth of smart lightning & LED technology permits you to simulate the pattern of natural lighting inside.

If you require any further information on how we can help with your workplace lighting whether it’s swapping out old fittings to LED or a complete rehaul of your lighting design plan just get in touch. // 01582 484020