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European Customer Care Centre

A newly designed reception area, meeting and training rooms, open plan office areas, break out areas and kitchens over two floors.

The brief - to create an environment providing functionality and vibrancy that will allow for:

  • Appropriate workspaces with room to grow
  • An office where people of many nationalities will want to come to work
  • Attracting and retaining talent



A world class leading facility


Following a lengthy tender process, FPM were fortunate to be appointed as the main contractor to undertake the refurbishment. The renovation, included a newly designed reception area, meeting and training rooms, open plan office areas, break out areas and kitchens over two floors. A major project within a challenging timeframe.

Responsible for co-ordinating, supervising and administering the work FPM implemented and managed the project using in-house engineers, sub-contractors, suppliers and stakeholders within GM. As with all projects of this size, communication was key to its success. Weekly project meetings were held with all stakeholders, including external consultants.

 The Project

The installation works began in June 2015. This included:

  • Roof over cladding
  • New lighting and power
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Data cabling
  • Office partitions
  • Ceiling works
  • Fire alarm and sprinkler works
  • Access control
  • Decoration
  • Flooring
  • Glazing
  • Kitchen works
  • Toilet installations
  • Manifestations and blinds
  • Groundworks

A truly European environment

With so many staff joining the team from across Europe, GM were keen to create a warm and welcoming environment. With this in mind, Vauxhall’s interior design team, headed up by Wendy Hirst, consciously designed the interior landscape to reflect the diverse and multi-national workforce that would be occupying the building.

Within the main reception area a specifically designed light fitting bearing the names of the forty countries that the ECCC will be dealing with, was installed by FPM.

Urban to Rural

Creating a conducive working environment is no mean feat but Wendy’s ‘urban to rural’ theme, is a true success. Mountain top manifestations on the office windows and the clever use of colour in certain areas really does bring the outside in.  

Lightboxes are a unique and imaginative way to light and show off a certain space, providing not only sharp, clean light, but also an eye-catching feature. The clever use of Barrisol Welch lightboxes in the ceilings of the reception and breakout areas have totally transformed this space.

The end result? a functional and vibrant environment reflecting GM's corporate values and their overwhelming desire to deliver a world class customer experience. A truly fun place to work!


Upon completion of the project, the facility was handed back to our client at the beginning of October, having been completed on time and within budget.