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The Body-Grab

Just wanted to thank you once again for helping us out - you've been great.

What a great job your team have done for us, as always. FPM are solid achievers and caring professionals.

Please say a big thank you to all concerned at FPM, great service and attitude as ever.

The Brief

As part of Vauxhall's commitment to quality, new vans, as they are being built, are randomly audited. The process, known as 'Smugglers Body' is a unique process that tests the sealer wax both on and under the body of the van. One of our more unusual projects, the brief was to design and build a 'Body-Grab' that would be strong enough to grab a van from the conveyor system, for testing.

Allocating an area in the production process where the vehicle would be removed from and given access to a body shell as a template, the design process began in earnest. Weight was an important consideration and the Grab was ultimately built using aluminium alloys, allowing for maximum strength but with minimum weight.

Following live trials and happy that the Grab adhered to all regulations (LOLER 1998 Lifting Regulations), the Body-Grab was signed off, load tested and certified as fit for purpose.


The Result

With a total development and build time of just six weeks, the Body-Grab is now in service and following its success, has also been further enhanced to incorporate both long and short wheel base vehicles into the design.