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What does it take for you to “Use Local?”

Going Green

Air pollution, water pollution and global warming. There’s no doubt, they all have a detrimental effect on the environment and our health. As harmful gases, dust and smoke continue to be released into the atmosphere, the air that we breathe becomes treacherously polluted.

It is estimated that 9 our of 10 people now breathe polluted air and 7 million people die every year as a result of breathing in polluted air. Closely associated to the climate change, efforts to mitigate one can improve the other.

What can we do?

Reducing our carbon footprint has always been important to us, and as a business, two of our core principals have been to build a local customer base and to use local suppliers and sub-contractors. Where possible, we also try to recruit local employees.

Out and about in the local area recently, we have been surprised by the number of wast disposal skips that we have seen being delivered to businesses from across the country. In some instances, lorries would have had to travel in excess of 30 miles or more.

Likewise, does a plumber need to travel 50 miles to change a tap when there are local suppliers potentially just five miles away?

In our industry, when you need a supplier in an emergency you need to be able to rely on them being onsite as quickly as possible. This was certainly the case for one of our clients, Engie. They were using a maintenance company based in Essex which meant not just a long response time but also an inefficient use of staff and parts.

Use Local

We’re proud to be in the hub of Bedfordshire and made a decision when we first formed the company to ‘keep it local’. Since then, in a bid to provide the best possible service, we have strategically bought premises close to our customers.

And we have always practiced what we preach, working with a variety of reliable local suppliers.

In fact, we are so passionate about working with the local community, that when contacted by potential suppliers our first qualifying question is to ascertain where they are based. And, if they are more than 40-50 miles away, we often decline.

“So why not take up the mantle and Use Local!”

Local clients that we’re proud to be working for:


Local suppliers that we’re proud to partner with: