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With the looming government ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles being bought forward to 2030, electric vehicles are the future.

As our habits change, businesses will also need to adapt and providing electric vehicle charging stations will become the norm. But whether you need charge points for a fleet of vehicles, customers, or staff, knowing where to start can be a minefield.


Helping you to not just support your employees but also to get the most from your available power supply our team can take care of both the installation and any necessary groundworks.

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Experienced in the commercial sector, our certified installers are used to working around clients’ needs and will ensure that charging stations are installed safely and quickly at your convenience.

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If you have a growing fleet of electric vehicles our certified technicians will assess your site and help you find the most cost-effective solution, offering advise on how to maximise the charging bays whilst mitigating the risk of overloading the available electricity supply.

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Frequently asked questions

What will a commercial EV charger cost me?

All commercial installs differ in size and complexity. Please contact us for a free survey and quotation.

What if I need groundwork to be undertaken before the charger can be installed?

No problem. We are an experienced building services and maintenance provider with an in-house team of civil engineers as well as OZEV accredited electricians, which means associated requirements such as protection barriers, parking space white linings and general car park alterations to suit the new EV charging point can all be taken care of.

Is it possible to have more than one charging station installed in the same location?

Yes, this is certainly possible. We are accredited installers for several well-respected manufacturers who have charging stations that allow for a number of units in a group by controlling the output of current (known as load balancing) to each station.

What is load balancing?

Load balancing is when capacity is distributed equally over all charging ports at a location.

What is smart charging?

EV smart charging dynamically adjusts the time and speed that electric cars charge based on the available power capacity, safely balancing the charging stations’ energy usage with other appliances on site. A flexible charging technology, it has proven to both stabilise the grid and lower costs.

Is it safe to leave EVs charging unattended?

Yes. The charging station will automatically stop transferring electricity to the vehicle when the car is completely charged, making it completely safe. Users also don’t have to worry about their vehicle being ‘over charged’.

What EV charger to you recommend?

We are accredited installers for several manufacturers, all of which we highly recommend and are proud to partner with. Each installation is different and there will be certain EV chargers that suit your requirements better than others. We will be able to advise on the best charger for you once we have completed a survey. The survey is of course, free.

Why choose FPM?

FPM are experienced building services and maintenance providers, with an in-house team of civil engineers and OZEV accredited electricians, which means that we can take care of any and all groundwork requirements as well as installation. We also offer a wide range of electric vehicle charging solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

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Call 01582 484 020 to book your free no-obligation survey. Or, if you prefer, complete the enquiry form opposite and one of our team will contact you to book a convenient time for an engineer to visit you.



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